Meet the Crew


Emily entered the Hazon community by way of Teva and Isabella Freedman. It was here that she nourished her love of living and working in community, and found ways to tie together her passions of spirituality and social justice. Prior to this life Emily studied Social Thought & Political Economy at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. A portion of her time in college was spent studying Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Haifa. While in Israel she taught at the Leo Baeck School for Coexistence and led programming at various community centers throughout the city. When she isn’t thinking about driving the Topsy Turvy Bus around the United States, you can find Emily riding her beloved bicycle, dancing, practicing her baritone ukulele, or eating salty foods. Emily is currently residing in Brooklyn.

francesFrances graduated from the  University of Vermont with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and a concentration in Faith, Education, and the Environment.  Growing up in a youth movement where tikkun olam was not only talked about, but acted upon, Frances loves exploring her two passions, environmental stewardship and Jewish education, in an effort to do her part in making the world a better place.  Frances enjoys reading, knitting, and getting dirty and is pumped to be joining the Topsy Turvy Team for her second bus tour!

11006442_10153232884016917_5278605677670823503_n (1)

Molly is a rising senior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst studying Anthropology. She spent a gap year in Israel volunteering at a home for the elderly in Yafo and with Rabbi’s For Human Rights in Jerusalem, three wonderful summers working at URJ Eisner Camp in the Berkshires, a summer in the Adirondacks making sandwiches at a small local general store, and hiking and swimming in the off time.  In her free time Molly loves experimenting with various gluten-free bread recipes and cooking for and with friends.

Yaakov, a self-identified fermentation guru, is thrilled to be joining the Topsy Turvy Team for the second summer in a row. As a current graduate student at the University of Connecticut, Yaakov (officially) studies molecular biology. In reality, he spends most of his time contemplating how to make the stinkiest cheese possible. Larping, berry picking, hiking, and brewing bus-bucha are just a few passions that Yaakov can’t wait to share with his cohort this summer.

IMG_20151116_125510751 (1)

 Itai just graduated with a Master’s degree in Jewish Education. He is also a songwriter, a piano player, and singer. After having done Adamah in the summer of 2013, he moved to Boston and spent the past three years community organizing with Moishe Kavod House,  attending classes at Hebrew College, and teaching Hebrew school.

Support Staff

 used to joke that she was Teva’s groupie, so she could not be more excited to be the program coordinator for the Topsy Turvy Bus Tour. Outside of trying to figure out the best way to explain an upside-down double-decker bus without a photo, Lauren enjoys running, baking desserts with vegetables in them, listening to The Moth, and talking about greywater systems.

Tali is a rising sophomore at Wesleyan and is thrilled to be Hazon’s Teva intern for the summer. She is excited to call restaurants for their cooking oil and manage the Topsy Turvy blog for Teva’s 2016 Bus Tour. In addition to sustainability, her passions include sampling vegetarian cuisines from around the world, attempting to make her harmonica sound like music, and writing.



4 responses to “Meet the Crew

  1. Hey, I just passed you guys on I-25 and Broadway about an hour ago and took a few few pics for my facebook update. Since you don’t need any pics of your own bus, I thought I would share my FB comment with you. Check out this old crazy school bus I saw driving home from work today. It had new York plates. I looked up the website painted on the side.

    Looks like they were just leaving Boulder. I’m not sure yet what it is, exactly, that they’re doing, besides the obvious. But I am sure, I probably approve, since I admire those folks who act more on their beliefs opposed to just talking(or complaining) about them. As long as those beliefs help the common good and not just selfish monetary/pride reasons. It’s sad many humans can’t really decipher the difference. Roll on, and good luck, hippie Jews!

    I haven’t read your website yet, but promise I will. Oh, by the way, Thanks.

  2. I’m looking forward to following your adventures. Please post often. The videos from the last tour were truly delightful.
    Jonathan Dubinsky and Elizabeth Cossin are amazing for doing this again. Who is playing the guitar this trip?

  3. Jonathan,
    I’ve been working with the guys at DieselCraft on a centrifuge setup for my truck. They said you are already running one but have been having some issues with it. I have some ideas that i wantto run by you to see if you have already tried them. Please email me back so we can discuss them.

  4. Oh my gosh! What a fantastic crew! I hope Nana has been reading many inspiring stories to the bus visitors (or just to the rest of the crew)

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