The Water Cycle Boogie Goes Up… and to the West

We’ve landed in Detroit!!!! Our arms are still a bit tired from all the flying but we made it! Upon arriving in Detroit we reconnected with Elan and Lauren which was a very special treat. After the airport we headed to meet up with Topsy Turvy 2.0. While it wasn’t the bus we’ve been traveling on, we were excited to make it our new home. After connecting with the new bus we departed to the Hazon Detroit Head quarters to meet the fellows, Sue, and the rest of the Detroit office. It was great to spend time with the fellows and learn about the work they do on the urban farm and around Detroit.
Our hosts in Detroit, Lori and Jeff Lasday (Frances’ aunt and uncle), quickly became our Midwestern Ima and Abba. We can count on them to provide us with gluten free snacks and more fruit than we could imagine. All the supplies that we forgot in the Northeast we could now find in Lasday’s basement. After a tearful goodbye with Lori we made our way to Tamarack.

We had a blast doing two days of programming at Tamarack where we saw their beautiful nature center. A big thank you to Bailey (a fellow JOFEE fellow!) for all her help with organizing the great days we had at Tamarack. There were two especially memorable events at Tamarack: The first night there, Emily and I slept on the roof because we have new railings so it was a safe kosher roof. As we were falling asleep, we saw a shooting star. WOW! Then we held hands about it. The counselors in our program the next day were so helpful, we could really feel the excitement of our participants that they ignited. As we met with out second group in the middle of the day a big rainstorm came in and prevented us from continuing. However, it ended up turning into a great time of dancing and singing in the rain.

Updates on Tavor to come soon! We had a blast, can’t wait to tell all about it! So far Topsy Turvy 2.0 is treating us very well. Missing family and friends, can’t wait to continue with all of our updates.


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