On Holiness: Being on the inside and the outside

Community is something that I am fairly familiar with.  I live in a communal house at school, I’ve been to three different Jewish summer camps as counselor or camper, and have learned the intricacies of how a college Hillel functions.  


Having joined the bus just this week, the role of visitors in a community has been on my mind.  I no longer feel like a visitor on this bus, especially having had the experience of visiting with the team earlier in the summer.  I have taken over a station, and helped at two others. Despite my short-lived time on the bus, I feel a part of the team.  


I think a huge element of that feeling is that fact that in every place we go, we are visitors.  Camps welcome us into their holy communities in different ways; but even with the warmest of welcomes, we have no hope of learning the names of all the campers or counselors, or understanding fully what makes their camp holy.  And the fact that all five of us are in the same outsider situation helps to bond us together.  The bus may be our holy space, but what really creates a holy community is the sense of being a cohesive unit in places where we may be strangers.   




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