Oh Captain My Captain

A Sunday morning treat – Jonathan Dubinsky sends his love:
Hello friends, fans, and family, 

This is your friendly shade tree mechanic, Capt’n Redbeard, from the Topsy Turvy bus in rainy Philadelphia.  Life is good on the road and thank G-d the bus is running great!  Some of you may know that we had a major breakdown north of Raleigh over a month ago.  Since I did the repairs in the parking lot of the school we have been cruising just fine.  This was a big test of the crew and the bus early on and we all performed smashingly.

For now I want to highlight some of the systems onboard and how they are functioning.  The used vegetable oil system has been operating at peak performance these days.  We are averaging 75% used vegetable to 25% diesel fuel on the road.  That 25% is used either because we could not find vegetable oil, or because we needed to purge the system before shutting it down in colder temperatures (which we have been doing the last week or so).  We are very happy with the centrifuge system onboard and want to give a special thanks to Dieselcraft for supplying the parts.  You can see a video highlighting the system here.
Our worm bin has gone through many changes over the course of the tour.  We started strong with a colony of a gajillion worms as we left NY.  Then when we hit Baltimore back in February we had a hard freeze and lost most of them.  As the tour continued we nursed them back to health with our food waste and centrifuge debris and now we have a bustling community of world changers—Worms!  These creatures are constantly turning old material into new soil on our bus and teaching thousands of kids along the way.  Thank you to the source of life for creating the world with wisdom!
I am so impressed with the resiliency of our ship and its systems and for the most important system of all, the crew.  We have been working well together and stepping up in ways that only the crew and their journals will ever know.  It is an honor to be traveling with you all and we should all be very proud.  As of April 2011 The Teva Learning Center and the Topsy Turvy bus has yet to miss a program.  Onward!

3 responses to “Oh Captain My Captain

  1. One of the most amazing things is that you’re getting 110% effectiveness out of your fuel. That’s incredible! In fact, I think it’s slightly “in-credible.” Are you sure?

  2. Thanks Ben. We’ll call it a typo. Problem solved.

  3. ark man slovin, happy birthday, and the rest of you, hurray, and ben, hurray also. im using the netscape world wide web to keep abreast with this and im shepping at every turn.

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