This weekend marks an important point in Jewish History.  It is a time of transition, of shifting from Shemot to Vayikrah, of moving from a place of talking about doing to actually doing! For weeks now we’ve been reading about the Mishkan – the Tabernacle.  How to build the Mishkan, what to use to build the Mishkan, how the Priests working the Mishkan have to dress…  And now it’s done!  The Mishkan is built, the Priests are dressed, the Israelites are excited!  And so the time has finally come for us to stop talking about the Mishkan – even to stop building the Mishkan – and to finally start using the Mishkan!

So what’s the tie-in?  On our tour we travel around encouraging people to BE the change.  We discuss why it’s important to think about your actions, and to act on your values.  We talk about the future, and about shaping our own paths.  And sometimes we forget that the future is now.  So how can we be the change?  How can we be thoughtful and intentional?  How can we be the people that we on the Topsy Turvy Teva Bus are always talking about being?

Maybe we just have to BE the Topsy Turvy Teva Bus.

Thanks Eli!

Be the Change!  Be the Bus!  Shabbat Shalom!



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