Frankly, My Dear…

Well, Shabbat is right around the corner, and there are so many things to talk about from these past couple days that there’s no way I could do it all justice in the time I have. So I’ll throw some highlights at you, give you a little teaser, so that you get really excited about tuning in next week for the whole story.

First of all, the bus is running again!!! We’re driving now on the bounty of veggie-oil we gathered in the beautiful, spanish-moss-filled pirate city of Savannah, GA. We’ve had some interesting and surprising chance-meetings, get-togethers on top of giant sombreros, and unexpected access to steam-rooms, and we’re excited to spend Shabbat at Hostel in the Forest. And we owe a special thanks to Benjamin Bloom.

Details will come later, but the Sabbath Queen beckons, and you don’t want to get the Sabbath Queen angry.

Purim Katan Sameach!

~ The Topsy Turvy Team


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