Food and Family

One of the personal joys of our travels is getting the opportunity to visit family and friends who live far away from our home. We spent this Monday and Tuesday visiting a friend of Jonathan’s in Denver, CO and on Tuesday morning, we had breakfast with my cousin Matt, who’s family owns The Bagel Shop in Denver. New York bagels in Colorado? Always a treat. Matt, who works at his family’s store, met us at the only Kosher bagel store in four states and gave the crew a healthy taste test of bagels, bialys, and….hamentashen (that’s right, we’re gearing out taste buds up for Purim)!!!!!

We were given a backstage tour and saw how the bagels are made, frozen and the boiled. Elizabeth witnessed the most efficient hamentashen baking skills and we saw how they put the jelly in the sufganiyot!

A central role in bringing together Jewish families is food. It’s the reason we hand down recipes through generations…food is a reason to have us all sit down and talk with one another for hours on end. We have specific foods we are supposed to eat on certain holidays and with each tasty treat, there is a story. So if you haven’t made your own hamentashen before, here is a recipe from My Jewish Learning or if you are of the vegan or gluten free diet.

We’re on our way to Lawrence, KS to stay with the brothers of our Captain Red Beard!

Kickn’ it Kansas,


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