Who Dat?

Well, this seems the place to be!

Last night, we were all getting ready for bed after leading a great Havdalah service at Bonai Shalom.  Elizabeth and I were upstairs when we heard the doorbell.  We have been staying at Rabbi Marc’s house during our stay in Boulder and we didn’t know anyone who would be dropping by.  Who could it be?!

Nigel Savage and Liore Milgrom-Elcott!  The two have been flying between Boulder and Denver and decided to stop by the house for a visit.  It was such a surprise and a breeze of East Coast.  It felt comforting to know homebase is there while you are out on the road.  It was only for a quick minute but the check in meant so much to us.  Going across the coast, and now headed back, we’re starting to see how all these separate Jewish communities can be connected.  Though we are Colorado, mentioning Nigel’s name is as common place as talking about Hazon in New York City.  There is a Tuv Ha’Aretz (and they are looking for more members) in Boulder.  Many of the people who we have met in Boulder had attended the Hazon Food Conference in December. Between Nigel’s work and the bus programs, we’re blitzing Boulder and Denver!

So thanks guys, thanks for showing up!

The back of the Bus in Boulder, CO


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