Getting to a Boulder State

Hello- Elizabeth writing from a gas station in the humble town of Boulder, CO. After driving through the dry desert of Arizona and New Mexico, it feels good to be in the cold snowy mountains. I feel like we are entering a new phase of our adventure- the physical challenges are a little bit more present. The bus is a bit colder at night and the driving terrain is a bit more challenging as well. However, our program content is really gelling together well. It was great to have so many programs in a short amount of time in the Bay Area. It allowed us to reflect on a program, make changes, and then implement the changes right away.

I am very excited to be in Boulder this weekend. I have never been to Colorado and have heard so many great things about this area. I would especially like to thank the 18 Pomegranates Foundation for sponsoring our time in Boulder and really making our visit possible. Thank you also to Raj and Lisa from the Tuv ha’aretz here in Boulder who helped to connect us with the Jewish community and logisticate our stay.

From now on we are due East, folks—- I can hear my homeland calling me…..



One response to “Getting to a Boulder State

  1. the west bids you adieu! good luck in boulder and on your snowy ride home.

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