Headed into Snowier Pastures

Well, we’re not in LA anymore.  Sure not sandal weather.  We’re in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Yesterday, Baruch woke up the sleeping bus crew to a magnificent sunrise over the Grand Canyon.  What a beautiful scene.  The contrast of the snow which covers the warm looking rock.  This has been the first snow many of us have seen this winter.  We’ve seen the news of what snow our family and friends have been experiencing and no one can remember a time when America had been under so much snow.  Looking at the fact that 49 states were covered with snow at the same time, I was reminded that this was the New England’s worst growing season due to rainfall.

We have too much moisture in the air. Our world isn’t going through a global warming, this is climate change.  The storms are going to get stronger and more frequent.  Earth is talking to us, reduce, reduce, reduce.  Rethink.  Design our life so that we can work in balance.  That is what we are teaching these communities.

And so we push from Arizona, making our way to Colorado for Friday.



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