Meeting the Creators of the Bus

Monday night we had a treat.  We met the creators of the bus.  Almost all of them, in one room!  We brought the bus back to its home at American Steel Warehouse, where she was created.  The large warehouse

Memorial on Kennedy Missile Bus

has evolved over time into the studio for large scale art.  Pieces of Tom’s past endeavors were strune about 20 foot metal people.  Flash Hopkins, one of the starting members of Burning Man, took Jonathan and me around to look at past Tom Kennedy vehicles.  Kennedy was indeed a man of energy and vision.

Past Kennedy Car

What an experience for us to hear stories about the bus’s birth from the artist themselves.  As Elizabeth said, “it gave depth to our story.”   Friends shared stories of the three month building process, the travel stories, and the all the times they spent together in the bus.  While they shared stories of the past, we were able to let them explore all the new features of the bus.  Jonathan gave tours of the veggie oil system.  Turns out, it was a dream of Tom’s to have the bus running on used vegetable oil.  Though he never made the conversion, he had the foresight to create the system to run off of veggie power.

Jonathan talking with Flash and Haideen

For me, bringing the bus back home helped strengthen the weave our place into the bus’s story.  We made friendships with the fantastic folks who put countless hours into her and who care deeply about the message she carries.  Haideen, Tom’s widow, and Mike invited us to their workspace at the The Box Shop in San Francisco.  Check out below to see pictures of the past two days.

Pacifically Yours, Rachel

The old and the new bus crew

Haideen fixing the bumper at The Box Shop

Haideen showing the secret plaques embedded in the top bumper of the bus
Elizabeth and Mike talking at The Box Shop

Jonathan and orginal bus crew Chris working on installing a new fuel pump at The Box Shop


2 responses to “Meeting the Creators of the Bus

  1. That’s incredible! Go teams! Looking forward to the rest of the stories when you return.

  2. This is incredible. How powerful.

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