Sunday at Kayam Farm, Baltimore…

The Fellowship of educator adventurers were united on Sunday. We are ready and excited to hit the open-road. We spent today loading gear onto the funny upside down bus. Guitars, solar ovens, kambucha and bike powered electricity generators found their homes in our mobile shelter of global climate course correction.

(left to right)
Jonathan Dubinsky is the esteemed captain of our mighty ship.
Elizabeth Cossin is our chief logistical harmonizer and educator.
Rachel Playe is our chief documentarian capturer of light and sound.
Baruch Schwadron is the grease monkey mechanic oil harvesting guru extraordinaire. And I ,Pesach Jeremy Stadlin, am the lead educator
guitar playing admiral of the inter-outerstate.

over and out


One response to “Sunday at Kayam Farm, Baltimore…

  1. wow such beautiful people out there doing such essential work. much love to you all!

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