Garlic Planting and Permaculture Packing

Ah, I love the smell of garlic in the  morning.  We’re at Kayam Farm in  Maryland as the  band is getting back  together for our  Southern leg of the trip.  We  spent the  morning organizing the bus according to our  needs and writing letters  to  ourselves for  when our journey ends.

Our hosts are Rivka and Casey.  Rivka  beautified the bus by adding a valance to our  curtains, made by Elizabeth’s  mom,  and  touching up some paint on the outside of the  bus.  In the afternoon we helped our  wonderful friends plant garlic.  The soil was  rich and shined of mica.  Our hands smelled  of garlic.  Garlic, the magical medicinal  plant of the ages. She’s known to be great for  fighting the flu and have anti-fungal, and  anti-viral properties. It’s still warm enough  for  garlic  planting, so if you haven’t done it  yet, get out  to your garden!  In case you don’t  know how  to plant this member of the  Alliaceae  family,  let us explain:

  1. 1. Divide dried garlic bulb into cloves.
  2. 2. Depending on you region, dig a hole, we dug a fist depth or around 4″ deep, we live in an area with moderate winters.
  3. 3. Plant clove, root down, and cover with soil.  Cover bed with hay for the winter to keep the cloves warm.
  4. 4. The garlic will be ready to harvest in August!  To save for next season just keep some in a dry dark place until it’s time to start planting in the Fall.

Another exciting moment of the day came in a monumental new acquisition of vegetable oil!  Ed, an avid amateur radio operator and grease connoisseur gave us 30 gallons of used oil.  Ed operates a mobile communication center for several organizations and inspiring projects.  In addition to sharing his treasure trove of oil, he blessed us with some insight into the workings of amateur radio communication across the country and the possibility of non-commercial grassroots communication.  This is shaping up to be quite an incredible journey!


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    check it:

    thanks for the fun at college park!

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