….to our world journeying across America.  Stopping state by state until we hit Monterey, CA for the Hazon Food Conference in December.  We are Teva Learning Center Educators and we’re partnered with Hazon in driving the topsy turvy, veggie oil powered, worm composting, love driven, Jewish Climate Change Campaign Bus across America.  We’ve already been to New York City, the Philadelphia area, and New Jersey, but soon after Thanksgiving we’ll be shoot off on the southern stretch of our tour.

Why are we doing this?  We are in a time of trouble and it is our responsibility to help.  We’re driving cross country encouraging the Jewish Community to join the Jewish Climate Change Campaign. We want everyone to sign the pledge committing to action, advocacy, and education.  Jewish institutions all over will be committing to make green teams to work on these same things on an institutional level.  Earth is our community, and as Jews it is our responsibility to take care of our community.

So tune in, act out, and you’ll be updated on our travels through video, words and photography.

The Bus at the UN when we met with UN Representatives


The Bus


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